San Diego County is home to more small farms then any other county in the United States. These family farms grow responsibly and sustainably, with a focus on land stewardship and water conservation. Their farm workers are treated fairly and compassionately and most farmers live on slim margins, nearly all with off farm jobs to support their families.

Fishing heritage in San Diego dates back to the Kumeyaay Indians. The industry dates back to Chinese immigrants in the 1800s and to European immigrants in the early 1900s. Today there are roughly 130 active vessels in the San Diego fleet. San Diego fishermen are the stewards of our precious marine ecosystem; they adhere to strict regulations and management to maintain fish stocks for future generations.

We count on our farmers and fishermen to provide us with up to date lists of restaurants who support them.With these members, we know where our food comes from, so you can too.

Once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but every day, three times a day you need a farmer.
— Brenda Schoepp, Farmer




  • Lucky Dog Ranch

  • Valdivia Farms

  • Smitts Farms

  • Copper Fox Farms

  • Eben-Haezer Egg Farm

  • Olivecrest Farm

  • Roadrunner Farms

  • Rancho J’Balie

  • Stehly Farms Organics

  • The Green Cowboy