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September 9-16, 2018


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DEADLINE TO BE INCLUDED IN PRINT MATERIALS IS JULY 1 2017. Please call Trish Watlington at 619 322-8457 for more info or email us at For news and events follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook: farmtoforksd. Our website is
We want to be part of Farm to ForkSan Diego I agree to participate by: 1. Providing a list of our partner restaurants who order regularly from us and farms that we buy from and their contact information. 2. Engaging in and amplifying the social and earned media of Farm to Fork Week and the social media of other Farm to Fork Week members and media partners. Please use the hashtags #farmtoforksd and #loyaltolocalsd and tag @farmtoforksd and @ediblesd. 3. Acting as a distribution point for Edible San Diego magazine. 4. Adding a link to the Farm to Fork San Diego website to your website no later than August 9 2018. 5. Signing up and paying through the link below. NO MEMBERSHIP IS VALID UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. 6. If participating in Farm to Fork Week - providing menu offerings by August 9th.
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One year membership in Farm to Fork San Diego for wineries of any size. $2 processing charge included.  Membership year is July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Does not include participation in Farm to Fork Week.

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